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By new internet regulation especially with Flash removal form browsers, we will erase the famous FlashChat of robotnik empire, that will save place on our server, plus it was hard to manage or to modify a module. I belive this feature will miss no one, since it was even hard for the client to join or register, navigate through the elements was difficult and confusing with wrong arrangement. Better to let it go. Next on target is the Flash JukeBox. We will see later months if we will spare or not that feature that is in flash as well. We are also removing 100% of Guess Book since only awesome spammers express them self there about very dark and inappropriate pleasant content obviously... 2765 Comments of spam vs 0 Fan comments, conclusion this feature will miss no one either.

And By the way, we noticed some abnormal coding about translation from web server to SQL especialy the '' that double everytime that you make an entry, we where able to fix it.

End of UpDate.

Lynch On: 05/06/23


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