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Robotnik Corporation ! The Ultimate Business ever !

Robotnik Corporation is the main business of Doctor Robotnik (Nothing releated to our affilate "Robotnik Corp") So we can say Robotnik Empire Site is made by Robotnik Corporation, all greatest invention or creation form the great Doctor is signed Robotnik Corporation. To resume Robotnik Corporation Staff Members are more high graded than Robotnik Empire Staff.

So here you will see Projects and concepts form the Doctor, like Programs, OS, Games, Sites,Features, and more ! Robotnik Corporation is a Fan Fic Company that is a simple html based website who regoups informations about the Fictive Company who have created the Great Empire, the company will also offert Computers Tips and Robotics Tips in the Forum of Robotnik Empire. The site is created in french but the site is build in clear text and can be easly translated.



Programming By Doc Robotnik 2013