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Staff Page (Only VIP Here!)

Hey, fans! So, you want to know about the masterminds behind the great Empire, do ye? Well then, that can be, and has been, arranged! Now, let`s begin!

Doc Robotnik
Function : Elder God Of This Place

Doc Robotnik he is the GrandMaster for this Robotnik site. He`s in charge of gestion server and the Site. He are also the Webmaster and Programmer so if you have a question, or site content, and perhaps even site suggestions, this would be the main man to see.


Vanessa Harnois Savage
Function : Admin & Artist
AIM: EggmanTeam

Ah, Vanessa, she`s without doubt one of the most important person of that site since with her tenacious soul, she`s always devoted to her friends and to the forum`s surviving. She`s really dignified to have the "Staff" title. But where we would be without her today? Well, we would be here lol. Even with all her occupations in her quotidian life, going to school and doing her homeworks, she always find the time tocome and support us on the forum. Someone who has Vanessa as their friend is an honor because she`s a wonderful person filled of life who has not any other desire than making people around her happy.

Function : - VIP -
AIM: - None -
E-mail : - Unknow -


Wes is a good friend or your worst ennemy, it all depends on you! He has a mysterious function... He is like that little gear in a clock. You don`t exactly know why you need it, but when it is removed EVERYTHING GOES WRONG ! And then your clock does not work anymore... Well it`s the same with Wes, he is a Very Important person on this site. When Wes is gone, the site crashes... Wes is back, the site works again! So it is essential to have Wes to maintain the peace in the server`s codes. What about his image ? Well... according to a few sources Wes is a Computer Spirit who lives in a satellite... Be nice with Wes or esle you might be held responsible of the Terminators attack...




Scott Oliverson (Space Ace) [Many FanFics]

TiggoRech [3D Artist]



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