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Voice Actors Of Doctor Ivo (Eggman) Robotnik

Here are comparisons with sound clips and pictures of the voice over actors who gave their voice to the Doctor Robotnik in various games and cartoons.

The primary villain of the Sonic games, also known as Eggman. Dr.Robotnik is a genius who builds robots to fight against Sonic and his comrades, but the two have been known to team up. His IQ is 300, but he can be quite immature at times.

In the 90s, Eggman was renamed "Dr. Robotnik" in English/French-speaking regions, and given a new, more menacing design in artwork and merchandising. Robotnik was voiced by Jim Cummings in the Sonic cartoon made by Dic. Jim also voiced him in the pilot of
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, while Long John Baldry took over for the regular series. Robotnik was played by Garry Chalk in Sonic Underground, and Edwin Neal in the Sonic OVA.

When Sonic Adventure rolled around, Sega decided to use the original Japanese name
"Dr. Eggman" in all territories. Robotnik was voiced by Deem Bristow from all games up to
Sonic Advance 3, while Mike Pollock took the role for Sonic X. Although Deem died early in 2005, this is not the reason for the Sonic X cast working on the games starting in 2005; the real reason being that Sega wanted the game voices to be consistent with the show. Mike Pollock naturally inherited the role. Although all of the other characters received new voice actors starting with 2010's Sonic Colors.















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