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Here you will find Themes to customize your machine.

Playstation 3 Themes

Robotnik Empire XMB

A wonderful theme made by Robotnik himself, this theme has 3 nice wallpapers in 1080p with custom sound effects in navigation and custom Icons from Sonic Adventure and SonicX

Installation :

- There are 2 ways to install it to your Playstation 3 :
* By Internet direct download (Easiest)

To install directly on Internet you must access this actual page on your Playstation 3 browser and Download the File

To install from a USB KEY or removable device, download the file below and put it in your device to (Drive Letter)\ps3\theme\RXMB.p3t then put it into your PS3, go to Settings Theme and install form Removable device.



Programming By Doc Robotnik 2013