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Please Note Original Track can be lisent only by Meridian Advance
Except Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure 2, SonicX and also all Remix can be lisent with windows media player 9 or better. All Remix was selected form Newground or OCREMIX only best according to Robotnik Empire Team is displayed here.

Green Hill Zone
Marble Zone
Spring Yard Zone
Labyrinth Zone
Star Light Zone
Scrap Brain Zone
Final Zone
Boss Theme

=============== REMIX VERSION ===============

Green Hill
Spring Yard
Star Light
Scrap Brain
Final CountDown
Special Stage

Emerald Hill -> 2 Players Version
Chemical Plant
Aquatic Run
Casino Night -> 2 Players Version
Hill Top
Mystic Cave -> 2 Players Version
Oil Ocean
Sky Chasse
Wing Forteress
Death EGG
Boss Theme
Bonus Stage

=============== REMIX VERSION ===============

Chemical Plant
MetroPolis -> Version 2
Sky Chasse
Special NextGen
Special Level
Robotnik Theme
Robotnik Remix

Angel Island
Angel Island Act 2
Hydro City
Hydro City Act2
MarbelGarden Act2
Carnaval Night
Carnaval Nigh Act2
Ice Cap
Ice Cap Act2
Launch Base
Launch Base Act2
Mushroom Hill
Mushroom Hill Act2
Flying Battery
Flying Battery Act2
Sandopolis Act2
Death Egg
Death Egg Act2
Alternate Boss
Robotnik Mini Boss Theme
Robotnik Boss Theme
Final Boss Theme
Special Stage
Special SlotMachine Stage
Special GumBallon Stage

=============== REMIX VERSION ===============

Ice Cap 1
Ice Cap 2
Ice Cap 3
Launch Base
Flying Battery
Mini Boss Theme
Boss Theme

Zip Pack

=============== REMIX VERSION ===============

Palmtree Panic
Collision Chaos (Past)
Collision Chaos (Future)
Stardust Raceway (Past)
Stardust Raceway (Future)
Sonic Boom

Green Grove Act 1
Green Grove Act 2
Rusty Ruin Act 1
Rusty Ruin Act 2
Volcano Valley Act 1
Volcano Valley Act 2
Spring Stadium Act 1
Spring Stadium Act 2
Diamon Dust Act 1
Diamon Dust Act 2
Gene Gadget Act 1
Gene Gadget Act 2
Panic Puppet Act 1
Panic Puppet Act 2
The Final Fight
Ending Song
Special Stage
Sega Song
Boss Theme 1
Boss Theme 2
Game Over
Act Clear

=============== REMIX VERSION ===============

Volcano Valley
Panic Puppet
Rusty Ruins

Amy Theme
Big Theme
Knuckles Theme
Tails Theme
Sonic Theme
Gamma Theme
Zero Theme
Chaos Theme
Special Events
Robotnik Theme
Boss Theme
E-101 Beta MKII Theme
E-Series Boss Theme
Boss Event
Robotnik Final Boss Theme
Robotnik Announcement Theme
Emerald Coast Act 1
Emerald Coast Act 2
Emerald Coast Act 3
Windy Valley Act 1
Windy Valley Act 2
Windy Valley Act 3
CasinoPolis Act 1
CasinoPolis Act 2
CasinoPolis Act 3
CasinoPolis Act 4
IceCap Act 1
IceCap Act 2
IceCap Act 3
Twinkle Park Act 1
Twinkle Park Act 2
Twinkle Park Act 3
Speed Highway Act 1
Speed Highway Act 2
Speed Highway Act 3
Red Moutain Act 1
Red Moutain Act 2
Sky Deck Act 1
Sky Deck Act 2
Lost World Act 1
Lost World Act 2
Lost World Act 3
Final Egg Act 1
Final Egg Act 2
Hot Shelter Act 1
Hot Shelter Act 2
Station Square
Mistic Ruins
Speed Up
Invincible Extended
Hurry Up Robotnik !
Game Over
Stage Clear

E.G.G.M.A.N Instrumental
R.O.B.O.T.N.I.K Remix
Super Natural
Way to the base
Weapon Bed
Cosmic Wall
Sonic VS Shadow Theme
Scram From the core
Metal Harbor
City Escape

Download the original OST and Bonus form Robotnik Empire HERE !



Programming By Doc Robotnik 2013