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Hello everyone,

Item 1.

Some of our affilates seem to be dead, and we need to keep as possible the site out of dead link.

Here lie..
Knuckles Solitaire
Robotnik Corp (Not our company but the fan site made by a third party)
PowerSonic a brazil Website that simply removed us without any notice, so we will as well remove them without any notice.

Sad for site which are now dead, itʹs less site releated in the Sonic world.

Item 2.
(Intro Page)

With great and long research, i finaly found a Flash emulator script API that will allow the flash to run as it suppose to be.
Even if google removed it, itʹs now back working anyway thanks to our super script prog, it will also work on iPhone Safari and Android Navigator.


The Flash animation where upgraded with a new animation to it, since the emulator canʹt play video Import mp4 in flash, so everything had to be a single image frame by frame, but action script still work normaly as well.

Item 3.
(Affilates List)

We think that the affilates list should be also in the intro page, so everyone can see it instantly, the affilates of French side and english side will meet at the intro.

Item 4.

The forum as been invaded by spamBot, the great thing is we donʹt need to delete post by post, we can delete an user with ALL HIS POST wich itʹs saving a big amout of time ! So we decided to improve our question menu that include only Robotnik Question and not question releated from real world such as Apple is the creator of iPhone ?, now user will need to know more about our great Doctor Or the website it self, like "What is the 3rd option in menu Download" the answer is Screen Savers, we donʹt think for now itʹs important to enable the case sensible, but if it requires us in future we will do it.

That is all !
Have a great week.

Computer Tech and Network Administrator.

Lynch On: 09/19/21
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