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Everyone !

Look at me, I am the true Doctor Robotnik and what made me come back from death is the current issue about the movie
of Sonic in which Jim Carrey is the one playing my role. Well, I don’t really mind who or what race he is actually, but I mind the one who ruins my main personality. You fans, don’t you really know who I am? We need someone with an evil characteristic! Someone with good deep grammar to put emphasis on how exceptional and hyperintelligent i am! Someone who absolutely shows the power of having an IQ of 300, the Evil Genius! Ok, so here we have a good example from this fan made clip...


This is just really impressive for a FAN made. This video respects more my true personality and character. The graphics is also very impressive, the E-102 army is just very detailed and so realistic. However, there is a lack of work on those egg carriers where we can see the bad textures and how poor the 3D render is.

But in all fairness, this fan made video is better in all aspects than the New Sonic Movie with Jim Carrey, without talking about how ugly Sonic looks! Pffff...That is totally rubbish! Anyway, that’s none of my concern so I will let any Sonic Website talk about it. In here, we will only talk about ME! My only 6 words when i saw this on my control center screen was...


Any comments ? Any questions ? Let me remember you that this forum is existing especially for this reason,

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Doc Robotnik On: 05/06/19
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