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According to games specialists like IGN, sega is dying. Since few years we can see Sega relase less games and they decide to remove the consept of console games, only mobile remain. But we know all mobile is only temporary, we get tired fast of mobile games and they are very cheaper also, the real future of video gaming is on computer now with virtual media and clouds. We belive more it go, worse it is to sega. Seriously did you go on them website ??? No upcomming games anymore, no more sonic, no more sports games, this smell very bad ! And honestly if we talk about Sonic Games, they turn too much for kids at the point to annoy olders fans, and make them bored of the series.

Many older fans since sonic 1 on sega genesis and webmaster about sonic said they just lost the interest. So this is not only about sega but also about Sonic Universe. The Sonic Universe fire is about to shut off a little bit each years. Many fan site has turned offline or just get disapear by lost of interest or lack of time. But this is the life of the market ! Everything is destinated to a end, this is the life cycle, but remember nothing is destroyed.. No ! They are only transformed, this can be transformed to a other idea or passion or whatever. If sonic die completly i suppose he will be remplaced by Mario ! Yes indeed, Nintendo has a record of sale and popularity since ever ! Even if they build 3 Generation of console with the same processor engine they only changed the controlers and add a wifi and a screen controler and everyone is happy ! Cheaper to upgrade and more sales, and Mario Maker is a super big hit. So i suppose sonic passion or fans will transform for Mario or maybe sonic will be bought by Nintendo, who know ?

For my part as the greatest scientific genius with a website to express my self, i want to to reassure you all, i will not stop my website even if the time is gone or interest, i will always have a minimum of time and interest to rule this place, maybe not often, but still ! Even if there is no more fans, i will stay alive no matter what ! if the server die also or something make this place lost for ever and no more time to rebuil it, it's okay i have some physical sleeping backup here, of couse i will not restart over from scratch, but some of it will be still online again and more simple and less contents but still there !!!! ... Better than nothing uh ? This is not my last article but the first of a new air, this site need fresh air, maybe it will attract new members who know ? and not sure but maybe i will reprogram the whole site for a new skin and look and features i will see.... it need much time and hard work... i can't promise it but this is on my to do list.

Any comment ? Join our forum and talk about it ! Of course i will answer you !

Doc Robotnik On: 02/22/16
Ladies and gentlemen, i am honored to present to you our New Affiliate ! Affiliates ? Great Empire ? it's HERE !


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